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Health 3 July, 2017

Koh Lanta

After the filming of some television shows, many presenters and candidates keep contact. This is the case of Martin Bazin, a former participant of Koh Lanta 11 and 14, who has invited Denis Brogniart at her wedding this weekend.

Between the bugs, the physical fatigue, lack of food, or even strategic alliances aimed at the elimination of participants in this program Koh Lanta, solidarity has not always been the rendezvous. However, the savoy and hotel Martin Bazin, who has participated twice in the adventure, during season 11 to Rajah Ampat and 14, has kept a very good contact with the presenter, Denis Brogniart. To give him his friendship, the young man was even invited to her wedding Saturday, July 1, in Paris.

Was also part of the seductive Laurent Maistret, past by Dancing with the stars, in a suit and white shirt. The one who is the big winner of the season 14 on the island of hell. Pread in solidarity, the young groom was attended by two colleagues of the game : Kunle season 10, and Jeremy, revealed to the viewers through her participation in the season 16 in Cambodia in 2016.

A nice way to demonstrate that the television can sometimes lead to nice meetings in spite of the inevitable conflicts when one is confronted with the vagaries of nature. All the more that Martin has kept the photo of the experience on his Twitter profile, such as a photo album virtual which perpetuates the memory of the event posts. We never forget its “Kho breads“, as his friends say on the web last January, gathered for a sporting event.

All my old happiness to Clemence and @MartinBazin former adventurer of #KohLanta, who were married this weekend. Beautiful festival. Kisses

— Denis Brogniart (@DenisBrogniart) July 3, 2017

My Congratulations to my @martinbazin for your marriage great night with the brothers #kohlanta @jeremykohlanta @lau_kohlanta_16 @kunle_koh_lanta_officiel @claude_kohlanta @iicarus @denisbrogniart.

A publication shared by Laurent Maistret (@laurentmaistret) 1 Jul. 2017 to 3h52 PDT

Yesterday the family #KohLanta was gathered to celebrate the marriage of @MartinBazin !

— Stephanie Clement (@StephClemente) 1 July 2017

There were a few #Kohpains to come finally to congratulate our @Laurentmaistret#LeDoublé

— Alban Koh Lanta (@AlbanKohLanta) January 4, 2017

You and I still and always !! Until the very end ! #kohlanta

A publication shared by Martin Bazin (@martinbazin) May 5, 2017 at 13h56 PDT

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Denis Brogniart

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