PHOTOS – Michel Leeb in families : he brings together his three children, Tom, Fanny and Elsa to the general of his show – Gala

Entertainment 15 December, 2017


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For his big return on stage, Michel Leeb has had the joy of meeting all her family at the Paris Casino last December 14 for the general of his show Michel Leeb – 40 years. Many friends had also come to cheer.

Last December 14 was held the general of the show Michel Leeb – 40 years at the Casino de Paris. To celebrate his big return on stage, the comedian of the 70-year-old was surrounded by his family and friends. To support him, and applaud him, his wife Beatrice and their three children, Fanny, Elsa and Tom had made the trip. His son, himself an actor, came on stage with his friend Kévin Levy in the first part of the show. The father and the son have shared the stage a few minutes for the greatest pleasure of the public.

Different celebrities are also came to cheer on the comedian. Christelle Chollet, and Chantal Ladesou had made the trip. Political side, the former president of the Constitutional council Jean-Louis Debré and Jean-Louis Borloo were also of the party. Michel Leeb has also been able to count on the support of Gérard Holtz (who has reunited with his ex-wife Raspberry) as well as on that of Jean-Marie Bigard. Director Claude Lelouch and Michel Drucker were also installed in the room. A guest of the brand has also made its appearance. Jean-Paul Belmondo, who stood on his cane, made a very noticed. Very happy to see, the children of Michel Leeb did not hesitate to take several shots of the famous French actor.

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Michel Leeb, Jean-Paul Belmondo

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