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Entertainment 17 August, 2017


Six months after their break-up, Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom come to be taken in photo, very close, at a concert of Ed Sheeran, thus leaving the assumption that the two stars are given together ; but it is not the case as evidenced by the release of the romantic the actor has just offered with a pretty blonde in Malibu.

After having shared their life for a year to eventually announce on the 1st of march last, their split, Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom come to be seen as a whole, and multiplying the signs of mutual affection this Saturday, August 12th at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, on the occasion of a concert of Ed Sheeran. “They really had the air of being together again. They are câlinés throughout the evening. She was on her knees most of the time and they even exchanged a kiss “, told an anonymous E ! News.


Therefore and quite logically, fans and observers of life, people have concluded that a rabibochage in good and due form between the actor of 40 years and the singer of 32 years, especially after the two stars have been spotted leaving together on Saturday night, aboard a motorcycle driven by the star of Pirates of the Caribbean. Tender moments that have not been finally shared by friends. In fact, as soon as the next day, Orlando Bloom, one of the most active serial womanizer in Hollywood, was photographed at the side of a mysterious young blonde woman on a beach in Malibu. A swim in the pacific ocean, whose photographs are to be discovered by clicking here.

A new relationship for the deceiver that Katy Perry will not take umbrage because as just having one of his good friends to US Weekly : “They are the best friends that they are not lovers “. Comments that echo those that Orlando Bloom had given shortly after the announcement of his separation with the interpreter of’I kissed a girl in an interview in the It uk : “We are friends. Everything is going well. It is between adults (…) It is better to show the example to the young by teaching them that a break doesn’t mean you have to hate. “

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