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Entertainment 23 January, 2018


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Pepe Munoz exhibits her drawings at the galerie Sébastien Adrien, Paris, from 22 January to 3 march 2018. The dancer’s favorite Celine Dion took the pose alongside his parents. The small family was very proud of it !

Pepe Munoz presents his drawings at the galerie Sébastien Adrien, in Paris, from 22 January to 3 march next, for an exhibition entitled “R29 : Obsessions”. After having danced alongside Celine Dion, the Spanish 32-year shows the breadth of his talents as an illustrator. He has received the full support of his parents, of present for their son and proud of his work. Together, the small family has taken a pose, smiling. A nice time for Pepe Munoz.

The dancer can be proud of the road travelled. After you have assured on stage in a number helter-skelter with Celine Dion, the beautiful brown has decided to draw its road to fashion illustration, as he confided in the columns of the Gala at the beginning of January. The singer has also encouraged Pepe Munoz to live fully his passion. “As soon as she learned that I was drawing, Céline has never ceased to encourage me and help me to know my work”, explained to us it. Celine Dion will come to Paris to admire the drawings of his dancer favorite ?

Photo credits : © © Cyril Pecquenard / KCS PRESSE

Pepe Munoz

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