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Entertainment 26 August, 2017


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The legendary singer and musician Charles Aznavour has finally received Thursday, at 93 years of age, his star on the prestigious Walk of Fame of Hollywood, where her name shines now in gold letters among a constellation of other stars. The author-interpreter of The Bohemian joined twenty French or artists coming out of France honored on the famous promenade.

It is Baydsar Thomasian, a member of the team of california state senator Kevin de Leon, who represents Hollywood which has a very large Armenian community, which has taken the initiative to request that a star in the name of Aznavour is shining, finally, on the famous ” Walk of Fame “. “Of course, he is French, but we have the feeling that he is also Armenian and we want to share this honor with the entire world “, she explained during preparations for the ceremony. Thus it is that Charles Aznavour was finally obtained, this Thursday the 24th of August, a star with his name on the famous walk in Hollywood ; a ceremony capping a career of more than 70 years. Describes the Atlantic as the French equivalent of Frank Sinatra, the legendary singer aged 93 said in English : “I am French and Armenian, the two are inseparable like milk and coffee, it is fantastic to have two cultures ” ; a speech made in the ” bravos ! ” and ” vive la France ! “


With this award, ” I can say that I am also a californian , “because I have “ a girl here, and my grandchildren , “explained the artist in front of a crowd of over two hundred fans and guests in front of the Pantages Theater which was thus cemented the 2618ème star of the” Walk of Fame “. Shahnourh Varinag Aznavourian, his real name, which you will recall, had been declared by a poll from CNN and Time in 1998,” singer variety the most important of the 20th century “. Extremely prolific artist, he has sold over 180 million records and wrote 1 300 songs in multiple languages, of which She, again Yesterday , or I already saw. In addition, Charles Aznavour was accompanied at the piano Edith Piaf for years before becoming itself a myth. The author and performer of La Bohème, Take me, The Mamma , or My Grief is therefore now a part of twenty artists from France honoured on the ” Walk of Fame “, such as Leslie Caron and Louis Jourdan.

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