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Entertainment 7 December, 2017

Johnny Hallyday

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Johnny Hallyday will be buried at Saint-Barth, where is located the villa Jade, her house of happiness. A happy life with Laeticia and her daughters Joy and Jade, who gave the name to this home

After the national tribute, and the official ceremony which will take place on 9 December in Paris, Johnny Hallyday will be buried at Saint-Barth, the island dear to the rocker where he cast happy days with his clan : his wife Laeticia, the last woman of his life, his daughters Jade and Joy, but also his close friends, and his two grown children, Laura and David. Unlike the Savannah, the home of Marnes-La-Coquette, where Johnny died at the age of 74 years and that will keep this image of a sad event, the Villa Jade Saint-Barth symbolizes the image of absolute happiness. Discover five essential things about this home so dear to Johnny Hallyday.

As soon as they had a few days free, Johnny and Laeticia accompanied by their two lovely daughters Jade and Joy were on their way to their beautiful house in Saint-Barthelemy. A villa, a magnificent overlooking the sea located on the island of Wonders.

1. The villa St Barth belongs to Johnny and Laeticia since 2008

Bruno Magrase, the president of the Collectivité de Saint-Barthélemy, remembers well his first meeting with Johnny Hallyday. “It was in the 70’s, he arrived with his friend Joe Dassin on a boat called” The Friday 13 “. Then, it is re-opened on the island in 2006, and then built his house. Each time he went, he invited me to dinner at his home, the current was well spent. He had fallen in love with the island”. A true corner of paradise that has become, over the years, the place and the symbol of the new family and that Johnny and Laeticia have built together.

2. The house is a beautiful house of 500 square meters.

St. Barts is known for being the former haunt of many stars who all have gorgeous houses. Johnny and Laeticia was one of the most beautiful. A mansion in the woods of 500 square meters with an infinity pool overlooking the ocean. The house also had a beautiful garden and many outbuildings, which were to receive their many friends such as Sarah Lavoine, Yarol Poupaud and his wife Caroline de Maigret, Line Renaud, prior to the passage of the hurricane Irma.

3. The Villa is known as the Jade as a tribute to their adopted daughter

This villa is sumptuous, has a name as its property in Ramatuelle : Lorada, the contraction of Laura and David, his first two children. For this sublime home on the island of Saint-Barth, the symbol of their love and their family was rebuilt around Jade, their first daughter, adopted in 2004. Necessarily, this house of happiness that could have only one name : that of Villa Jade.

4. The villa Jade symbôlise the house of happiness.

Jade was only 4 years old when his parents Johnny and Laeticia build this beautiful house. It is that she spends her summers, learning to swim. A house that his little sister Joy has always known, as adopted in 2013. The two girls share long moments of complicity with their parents, bathing often with Laeticia, have fun in the jacuzzi with Johnny. They are celebrating many anniversaries, Jade is born in the month of August. It is also in this house that Johnny and Laeticia are sharing precious moments with Laura Smet or with their relatives, always like Sarah Lavoine, Marie Poniatowski or Maxim Nucci, who will certainly finish the album posthumous Johnny.

5. Villa Jade has been destroyed by the hurricane Irma

Hard kick to Johnny and Laeticia during the passage of hurricane Irma last September. Then they want to make it available to the disaster victims, they are forced to forego, their beautiful home being too damaged… The garden is destroyed, the bungallows also… Johnny Hallyday had promised to come back in the month of march 2018 to rehabilitate her house of happiness. It will not have had the time to do it. Still a heavy task to accomplish for Laeticia…

Photo credits : instagram/Laeticiahallyday

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