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Health 3 July, 2017


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The succession is assured ! During the celebration of 150 years of Canada, Hadrian, the small-to-last of Justin Trudeau, the charismatic Prime Minister of canada has attracted all eyes. With his long blond curls, her beautiful blue eyes and his bow to the effigy of his country, the three year old boy stole the spotlight at his father.

We never saw him. With ses long blond curls, his chubby face lit by beautiful blue eyes and her bow to the effigy of Canada, Hadrian Trudeau has literally stolen the spotlight of his famous and yet very sexy father. The canadian prime minister had come as a family with his wife, Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau, and their three children, Xavier, Ella-Grace Margaret and their youngest, Hadrian, to celebrate the 150 years of Canada in a beautiful ceremony in Ottawa. Among the prestigious guests who attended the event, they could count on Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles, sitting on the sides of Justin trudeau.

In the arms of her father, the little Hadrian was amused the crowds of sulky pout. Dressed in the colours of his country, red shirt and white pants, like his brother, and his older sister, he was wearing a knot tie in the same tones and doubled the maple leaf, the emblem of Canada. The ceremony had to look long at the three year old boy who fidgets in the arms of his father and shows of hands as to nail Polish, certainly the result of a game with his big sister Ella Grace Margaret. As was the case of the Princess Charlotte and Prince George who fly regularly featured at their parents William and Kate Middleton, and grandparents, Hadrian Trudeau appears to be poised to do the same.

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Justin Trudeau AndCamilla Parker Bowles

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