Phthalates : cardiovascular risk in men

Health 14 July, 2017


Published the 14.07.2017 at 07h32


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phtalatesperturbateurs endocriniensrisque cardiovasculairediabète type 2

We knew their impact on the risk of developing cancers and reproductive. Some of them are endocrine disruptors. But these are not the only risks related to phthalates. The exhibition would, in addition, to an increased risk of developing cardiovascular disease or of arterial hypertension, but also type 2 diabetes. And this, at least in men.

This is the conclusion of a study conducted by researchers from the university of Adelaide (Australia). They analyzed the rates of phthalates in the urine in 1 500 men aged 39 to 84 years of age, that they have compared to the diseases they have developed.

The risk almost doubled

If no link has been established with asthma, or depression, the results however, are much more worrisome for the other diseases tested, in particular by the magnitude of the differences observed. Thus, the 25 % of people exposed have an increased risk of 78 % for cardiovascular disease compared to 25% in the least exposed. The figure rises up to 84 % for type 2 diabetes. Is a risk almost doubled.

For hypertension, it is a little less spectacular, but not negligible : the risk is 14% higher. “And in more chronic diseases, a variety of markers of inflammation in the body are also associated with levels of phthalates,” says professor Zumin Shi, epidemiologist at the university of Adelaide, and senior author of the study.

Endocrine disruptor

And, by adjusting the statistics to eliminate the impact of obesity, socio-economic factors, smoking and alcohol consumption, the association of risks with phthalates remains.

An impact that researchers cannot yet explain with absolute certainty. “Although we do not understand yet the exact reasons for which phthalates are linked to these diseases, we know that chemicals have an impact on the endocrine system, which controls the release of hormones and regulates growth, metabolism, and the development and function sexual,” says professor Shi.