Physical activity can reduce by up to 40% relapse of cancer

Health 16 January, 2018

breast cancer

Published the 15.01.2018 at 18h23


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Do four hours of sport per week with a breast cancer, it is possible. This is the daily life of Easter. From the beginning of his illness, in 2016, doctors advised him to increase his physical activity. Result : she has never done so : gymnastics three times per week, even during periods of chemotherapy! A way to exceed and stay in control of his body.

This observation is shared by many patients regardless of the cancer they are suffering. They feel better after the effort, the less tired. Many scientific studies claim that physical activity, when practiced regularly, can decrease up to 40% relapse of cancers.

Pascale follows the courses offered by the association Cami Sport & Cancer. All participants are, or have been diagnosed with cancer. The coach, specially trained in adapted physical activity (APA), develops, therefore, the effort according to the specifics of each. This practice relieves the long-term, the pain and maintains muscle mass.

The gym is also a place of meetings and exchanges with people who are experiencing the same thing. “When one is not in shape, you do not ask questions, because we know what happens to the person. You don’t have to justify,” explains Pascale. A support complementary to those provided by the family unit and friendly.

This report enables a better understanding of the daily lives of Easter since it is reached of a cancer of the breast. In spite of the treatment and the fatigue, she went on to the sessions of sports and leisure activities. A dynamism that allows him, at times, to forget the disease.