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Entertainment 25 August, 2017


Bella Hadid is following in the footsteps of several personalities who now want to appear without cosmetics with photos taken on the spot where their natural beauty is expressed.

She has succumbed to the mode. Bella Hadid, who must deal with the recent accusations of the Austrian Jazz-Egger, is in the process of climbing all the rungs of the celebrity. In contract with the agency IMG Models since 2014, the new queen of the catwalk knows how to talk about it with shots that are unexpected.

Last Thursday, the young woman has posted a photo surprising on his account Instagram. Its subscribers have been able to discover it without a blush, clearly to get out of the shower. The model of 20 years also appears naturally beautiful with the help of cosmetics. Internet users were quick to respond and have expressed their admiration for Bella Hadid with rave reviews : ” Even more beautiful without makeup “, ” natural Beauty “, ” Sublime “.

Many personalities did not hesitate to reveal the kind on the Canvas. In recent months, addicts undisputed make-up as Khloé Kardashian, Paris Jackson, or Alicia Keys have shared selfies, in which their natural beauty is exposed without frills.


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Photo credit : Penshoppe via Bestimage

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