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Entertainment 14 December, 2017

Family Album

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Since the night of 5 to 6 December, nothing is quite the same. A voice we miss him already. Johnny Hallyday. But for Laeticia, Jade and Joy, it is a lack of daily and loving that he will have to face. Back on a few snapshots of happiness in the family.

“I’ll go to sleep in the white paradise/ Where the nights are so long that you forget the time/ All alone with the wind / As in my childhood dreams…” to Borrow Michel Berger these few words, to him who wrote to Johnny one of his most beautiful albums…

Johnny Hallyday is now based in the smallcemetery white of Lorient, on the island of St Barth that the rocker called his ” paradise on earth “. And this is where he wanted to be, according to Paris Match, which cited the photographer Gilles Bensimon, one of its neighbors. “He said to me :’ Tu know, I’m going to spend more time here now. “, he says. It was on August 17, 2017.

Today, Laeticia is left alone with her daughters, in the Villa Jade. Near her man. This is certainly that it will spend these first Christmas without him. On the 24th of December will be both a taste of tears, but also, thanks to Joy and Jade, there will be smiles and laughter. Because childhood is a promise. A source of life that is inviting you on.

Waiting to hear again the voice of Johnny on this album posthumously recorded last September and which will be released in 2018, it has been want to browse with you some intimate moments of the rocker. Of those he loved to share with his fans. Moments of life, of laughter, of emotion… moments of humanity, simply.

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