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Entertainment 15 August, 2017


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The writer and journalist, Gonzague Saint Bris was buried in the family vault of Amboise in the Indre-et-Loire on Monday, August 14. The funeral which took place in the presence of Francis Lalanne, Patrick Poivre d’arvor and singer Dani.

The funeral of the writer and journalist, Gonzague Saint Bris, who died last August 8 in a road accident, was celebrated on Monday, August 14, at Amboise in the Indre-et-Loire. And this is a real crowd who came to salute the memory of the writer ; an assembly composed of hundreds of anonymous, but also of personalities notable in the world of literature, entertainment and journalism.


Starting with the academician Jean-Marie Rouart, who has made a glowing tribute to his friend,” unfit to be locked up in the cage of conventions “. Prior to this, one of the brothers of the deceased, François Saint Bris had evoked the figure of the ” hellion of the letters ” who ” knew how to invent the life that (he has) dreamed of “. He saluted the memory of this ” missionary of unique culture “.


In a ceremony which took place in a collegial Saint-Denis of Amboise fills which had taken place in particular journalist Jean-Claude Narcy and Patrick Poivre d’arvor, and the singer Francis Lalanne, who sang a cappella ” We’ll see ” at the end of the mass. The comedian Raphaël Mezrahi, the novelist Irene Frain and the former minister ecologist Brice Lalonde had taken place in the nave of the church.


According to our colleagues of The New Republic, it was necessary to add seats in the basilica. For those who have not been able to enter, the ceremony was broadcast to the outside through several loudspeakers. The burial of Gonzague Saint Bris is then made in the cemetery of Amboise, in the presence of several hundred people. Close friends and entourage were expected at the Manor of Clos Lucé, the former home of Leonardo da Vinci in Amboise, as has his family. To be noted qua the deceased’s family announced that a memorial mass in memory of the founder of the event literary Forest of Books will be called in September to Paris, where he also lived.

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