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Entertainment 16 January, 2018


30 years of love, to the city as the screen. And yet, Pierre Arditi and Evelyne Bouix have never had children together. A decision that has proved to be a no-brainer for the couple.

Pierre Arditi and Evelyne Bouix represent an emblematic couple of the small screen French. The two actors first met in 1986, on the set of a tv movie. At the time, the actress has had a crush on her partner, so thatshe had to separate from Claude Lelouch, while the actor came out of a relationship of 11 years with Florence Giorgetti. Since ? They have never left. It’s been over 30 years since their love story lasts, to the city as the stage, in the theatre, but also on television.

It is often said that love lasts three years. In 10 times more time, however, the couple has never had children. However, the age at which they are encountered (33 years for her, 41 for him), it was far too late. But the couple took the decision not to start a family together. Why ? Pierre Arditi is open on the Divan de Marc-Olivier Fogiel, December 2017 : they have not had the same desires at the same time. “I wanted to be. It, no, because she didn’t know. She was afraid. And when it is finally decided, I considered that I was too old. ”

Both have had children by their side : Frédéric Arditi, born in June 1969, and Salome Lelouch, the daughter of actress and filmmaker, born on 25 June 1983. For the actor : “It was good, it was perfect. “‘t need another child to solidify her relationship with the woman of his life. And when they begin their 32nd year of love and their 8th year of marriage, they prove that : they did not need anyone to love.


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