Pierre Bellemare, 87, hospitalized after a fall

Entertainment 10 January, 2017

The famous television and radio man made a bad fall.
Another accident for Pierre Bellemare . The legend of television, aged 87, is in the hospital!
According to our colleagues Site Closer , the facilitator was hospitalized Tuesday 10 January at Clamart (Hauts-de-Seine) after falling from his bed in the night of Monday to Tuesday. A sad news that is not accompanied by any other precision. Impossible therefore for the moment to know whether the famous media man was seriously injured or not.
One thing is certain, Pierre Bellemare is the victim of many accidents in recent times. In September 2011, after a malaise occurred in Bergerac train station, he had joined the neurology department of the hospital. Then in 2014, the famous mustache had fallen on his back on a staircase from Orly West airport. While he could not stand up alone, passers-by quickly came to his rescue. ” With the help of specialized personnel in assisting those in difficulty, I was able to leave the airport. I was not able to walk. I was taken to a taxi ,” had It entrusted to Europe 1.