Pierre Lescure: who are the women of the life of the president of the Cannes Film Festival?

Entertainment 17 January, 2017

Pierre Lescure, who was the soul of Canal +, recalled for the second year as president of the Cannes Festival until 2020, in his memoirs how the meeting with his wife and the adoption of A granddaughter had turned her life upside down.
The autobiography (released in 2012) is called In the baba, a title as a wink that is well suited to its author, Pierre Lescure. Memories that he had told us had written for the pleasure of telling stories, but also for his daughter, Anna, who illuminates her days for 18 years now.
Adopted in an orphanage in Vietnam, near Ho Chi Minh City, the emotion he felt when he first took his daughter in his arms ( ” This is the first time I felt something shared me, which was that I did not belong me completely , “he confided to us), made him regret being awake so late fatherhood (he’s 53 years older than his daughter)
If Pierre Lescure waited so long before taking the path of commitment, it is on the one hand linked to a small immature side. But also to a form of idealism. ” Without wanting to mess psychology , ‘he confessed, there was the weight of parents separated when I was six months old – even if otherwise they are always really well before me. I was thinking in a somewhat simplistic way, no doubt, that I would have a child the day a story would be obviously for life. This idealism has inhabited me for a long time. ”
This “story” begins the day when Pierre Lescure meets Frédérique. The first time he meets her, she lives with Coluche. ” This is someone who does not go unnoticed and even exuberant in the way of dressing, always had something reserved in the attitude and dark in look. I believe that it carries within it the meaning of the tragic. But it is not at all sad, on the contrary, it is magnificent. “He told us about him
Pierre Lescure recross it years later, in common friends, in the south of France. With an adolescent nothing romanticism, he slips a few words under the door. He prefers to say that it was a way ” to suspend time of the meeting, to prolong that of interrogation ” . Between them there is an immediate impulse which is accompanied by something extremely serene. From the first year they want to have a child together, but this immediately seems complicated by natural ways. Frédérique is then 35 years old, already 50 years … So without waiting they embark on this beautiful adventure that is adoption …
Pierre Lescure was right to remain idealistic and not let go of his dreams. Frédérique and Anna, President of the Cannes Festival can look ahead and say, ” Tomorrow will be necessarily extra! “.