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Entertainment 17 August, 2017


Judging the 700 euros weekly he will receive for his participation in the TPMP as ” fairly insignificant “, Pierre Menes has triggered the ire of some internet users.

The appointment is already fixed. On 4 September, at 19: 10, Cyril Hanouna will launch on C8 the new season in Key not at my post! with around him a team of columnists in great part rewritten. Among the newcomers, Pierre Menes, a consultant on Canal Football Club outspoken legendary. Interviewed this week by The Big Mouths of his participation in the show, Cyril Hanouna, the colleague Hervé Mathoux responded to the criticism that he has been able to read online. “I’ve seen the reactions, I was doing this for the money, that I could make me humble “. Gold, in his eyes, “It is rather insignificant level stuff.” The columnist explained that he will receive 700 euros per participation in the program. Has four appearances per month, TPMP should pay him 2800 euros monthly.

Following these statements, several internet users have lashed out against Pierre Menes criticised the gap that exists between its vision of the value of money and that many of his fellow citizens. Yet, on the plateau of the Big Mouths, the sports journalist had attempted to qualify his remarks. “For the majority of the French people I want to recognize that but for me compared to my other activities, I do not spit on it but, it is not that I decided “. He concedes, therefore, that the amount is significant but is estimated to win so much more with his other occupations that of these 700 euros, in the end, have not been the main reason for his signing in TPMP. As for the critics who believe that it may be humiliating to the antenna of C8, the columnist answers them also. Before signing his contract, he agreed with Cyril Hanouna: “I imagine not, and I don’t eat shit “. This has the merit of being clear. As for the other reviews that it was able to read online, Pierre Menes warns: “I believe that it has given me even more desire to do so.


Pierre Menes

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