Pierre Menes grafted: her companion, Mélissa Acosta, thanks her organ donor

Sick for several months, Pierre Ménès has recently been operated and seems today to be much better. If he prefers to quote the name of his illness, it would seem that the famous sports journalist received an organ donation.

Last September, Pierre Menes already aimagri and weakened, confided to his health problems in the pages of the Team and explained that it was about to undergo major surgery, forcing him to ” disappear from the circulation “for several months. Still in hospital, the journalist of 52 years now seems to wear a charm and does not hesitate to give news on his Twitter account personal , like his girlfriend, Melissa Acosta, who has continued to ensure his bedside. Very active on Facebook, the young woman, whom he presented for the first time to the media, on November 12, 2015, during the Festival of La Baule, has just published a photo of her and the man of his life, a week after his plausible organ transplant .
As explained by the young woman in a poignant message: ” It’s been a week since we had this wonderful gift . Who made us smile, especially the hope and the desire to live. For I have seen my love decline from day to day. It was very hard to be powerless and could do nothing . ” He added: ” What humanism that offer such a gift to a stranger (…). Thanks to donors you you made a smile that was lost .” In convalescence, Pierre Ménès can count on the unfailing support of his beautiful Mélissa. More optimistic than ever, its forced shutdown does not prevent also not follow the sport on TV, his true passion and distill his comments on social networks.

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