Pierre Menes grafted with a kidney and a liver: he says “the whole truth”

Entertainment 26 December, 2016

The journalist addressed his followers.
There are some days on social networks, Pierre Menes , ill for several months , announced having successfully operated . Good news followed by an explanation delivered by his half Mélissa: sports journalist aged 53 has received a donation of organs .
Still recovering, columnist star of the Canal Football Club has this time himself sent a message to his Twitter followers. A post in which he wanted to tell ” the whole truth about the transplant .” There are twelve days Pierre Menes has ” received a kidney and a liver .” ” The fact that these two bodies should be from the same donor has shortened the time. I still had to wait five months. Five months horrible vomiting, exhaustion and decay. I could no longer walk all for me get to my dialysis sessions , “he says.
Then making tribute to his ” wonderful Melissa ” and his mother without whom it would ” probably be here today ,” the reporter also thanked the family of the anonymous donor. He also pledged to put his notoriety to the service of this cause.