Pierre Palmade, absent from the Enfoires, reassures his fans about his health

Entertainment 19 January, 2017

After announcing at the beginning of the week that he will not take part in the 2017 Les Enfoirés concert series, held this year in Toulouse from 18 to 23 January, the 48-year-old comedian aroused the anxiety of his fans who feared that his health is declining but ” all is well “, the actor is just overwhelmed by the projects.
Since his first show solo, first in 1988 in Bordeaux, then in 1989 in Paris in a staging of the great Sylvie Joly , Pierre Palmade has not stopped. And no question, at the approach of its 49 years it will celebrate on March 23, to do so to contemplate his work as he knows, there is still much to do, so much to live and share.
And that’s because his professional agenda is overloaded it can participate in the series of concerts given by the Enfoirés in Toulouse, from Thursday until Sunday, January 23. An announcement made earlier this week , shortly after the actor is aware of the dissolution of ” Troop to Palmade “.
Two information given almost after having aroused the fears of fans to see the legendary ” husband ” Michelle Laroque fall in its excess. Those that open book has therefore no secret, that his addictions to alcohol, drugs and sex. A cocktail of torments led him to live a long depression. But none of this is at the root of his absence from the charity show. And with his loyalty so characteristic that this great benevolent brother of show business was keen to give the true causes with a terse message on his Facebook account.
” I am told that my absence the Enfoirés this year suppose I’m not well! I reassure those who love me: All is well! I’m just writing full with my boyfriend Max Boublil to prepare for my next show, and I also ahead of other projects! In short, Les Enfoirés was complicated this year! “Explained the former companion of Véronique Sanson on the social network.
An ” apology ” he concluded by inviting his fans to focus ” on the positive ” and relativize his absence by recalling that there is ” more worrying as event right now in the world.”