Pippa Middleton: How Kate Middleton stole her at her wedding

Entertainment 29 May, 2017

Kate Middleton did her best to be back at her sister’s wedding! But why did she steal the show at Pippa?
It was recently revealed that Kate Middleton had made a very special gift to her sister Pippa on her wedding. On May 20, 2017, the wife of James Matthews was entitled to a marriage worthy of a princess. For her part, the Duchess of Cambridge was not her sister’s maid of honor. Kate Middleton, as the wife of Prince William and a highly regarded personality in England and the four corners of the planet, planned to do what was necessary to avoid stealing the show from the bride. “If your sister is a future queen, she will shade the bride and attract attention,” said royal author Judy Wade. “Kate would like to be in the background as much as possible ,” he added.
Despite all her attempts not to be under the spotlight, Kate Middleton inevitably drew attention to her at Pippa’s wedding . The recent One from People magazine is one example. Dedicated to the marriage of Pippa, it is a huge picture of Kate Middleton that one finds when Matthews is relegated to the background . Many media have highlighted the future Queen of England but also her children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte. However, it is doubtful whether Pippa Middleton is offended or really surprised by this situation. After all, she is the original wedding star and had shadowed the sister at her wedding with Prince William in 2011. Additionally, If Kate Middleton is the big star of her family, she does not seem to have the right to show her affection towards her husband while her sister will have no problem on that side. Every situation has its advantages and disadvantages. And do you think Pippa Middleton is offended that her sister has stolen her?