Pippa Middleton in cold with his mother in Wimbledon?

Entertainment 13 July, 2017

As we know, the Middleton are fans of tennis and would not miss the Wimbledon tournament for anything. However, would Pippa and her mother be in cold? Discover the photos that sow the doubt!

The love of the sport, and especially of the tennis, is of Middleton family. If Kate Middleton was present on the opening day of the Wimbledon tournament, where she had opted for a new look, Pippa followed her example a few days later. If the first time she had chosen her brother to accompany her, the second time, it was her mother who was present at her side … at least, the same match she did! However, Pippa and Carole Middleton had separate seats and were quite distant from one another. What is the reason ? Would Kate Middleton’s mother and sister be cold? Discover immediately the explanation!

Not Pippa Middleton, who recently stole the show to another bride and her mother would not be in the cold! If they were separated at the Wimbledon tournament, it is simply because Pippa arrived (very) late in Andy Murray’s match against Benoit Pair. The only thing surprising is that Kate Middleton’s mother and sister were not placed in the royal gallery, they were outside the prestigious space! In any case, Carole Middleton was just behind Anna Wintour while Pippa were a few seats away with a friend. One thing is for sure, they were able to admire this superb match! To discover the photos, click HERE.