Pippa Middleton: What does she really do with her days?

Entertainment 13 July, 2017

The daily life of the Duchess of Cambridge is well known. But finally, what do we really know about the days of his sister Pippa Middleton?

Between Pippa Middleton and Kate Middleton, it’s hard to say which is the most popular these days … In just a few years, the Duchess of Cambridge’s sister has become a celebrity in spite of herself, making the headlines of all the newspapers of the whole world . Lately, it was his marriage to James Matthews, a wealthy businessman, who was talking to the people. Pippa was at the heart of all the discussions, and her union did not really go unnoticed. But there is also a question that everyone asks, and that remains unanswered. What can Pippa Middleton do for her days? We would finally have the answer!

Last year Pippa Middleton told the Daily Mail that it was not so easy for her to rub shoulders with celebrity: “People see me as a privileged person who has used his position to his advantage, who does not really work, A socialite – this word really irritates me – and a party without substance “she said before adding” It is a little surprising to be recognized worldwide before the age of 30, thanks to your sister “. But today, what does Pippa Middleton really do in life? Well like her older sister Kate Middleton, the young woman worked mostly for Party Pieces, the festive mail order company founded by her parents. She then began writing several novels, some of which have been heavily criticized, and actively participates in numerous charities. You like Kate and Pippa Middleton, but are you sure you know their differences?