Pirates of the Caribbean 5: A very different Jack Sparrow to foresee

Cinema 29 April, 2017

And no, in Pirates of the Caribbean 5, Captain Jack Sparrow will not be quite faithful to himself and apparently will have changed. But not necessarily in the right direction!
You’re waiting for him, he’ll be back soon! Jack Sparrow, our favorite captain with an unlikely look, is going to embark us in his new crazy adventures, where we will cross pell-mell a shark ghost, an undead pirate of vengeance and some old faces well known. Starting of course by Will Turner, whose Orlando Bloom has played the role in Pirates of the Caribbean 5 , which has indeed changed since he took over the mission of Davy Jones. But he will not be the only one! Because yes, the meltynauts, our dear Jack, who has remained faithful to himself through all the films and despite the many tiles that have not stopped falling on him, should have lost some of his superb . And his insolent luck, at the same time. It would seem that the captain will no longer be quite the same in Pirates of the Caribbean: The Revenge of Salazar . And we know this thanks to Joachim Ronning, the co-director of the film, who told SFX Magazine.
He gives us some details about the character and the changes he has undergone since the last time we met him. ” He lost his chance, and luck was a big part of his lifestyle, and he’s lost, and he’s out of sight ,” he said. Well, that sounds bad! Especially when you know that Jack Sparrow has always relied on his luck and on chance. But Joachim Ronning adds: ” When you meet him, he does not sail on the oceans, he is a pirate of the earth and it makes him unhappy, he is alone, Is no longer Captain Jack. He’s just Jack . ” Jack, unhappy? So that’s something we’d rather not see! So if the new film of the franchise comes back to the sources, for Sparrow himself, things are apparently going to be much less rewarding . But do not panic ! His encounter with Henry, Will’s son embodied by Brenton Thwaites in Pirates of the Caribbean 5 , should help him get back on his feet . Are you eager to find the character?