Pirates of the Caribbean 5: Brenton Thwaites (Henry) tease her character

Cinema 6 April, 2017

Who is Henry, the young hero embodied by Brenton Thwaites in Pirates of the Caribbean 5? The actor himself is best placed to tease his character and his motivations.
New opus, new hero! If the unstoppable Jack Sparrow is still present in Pirates of the Caribbean: The Revenge of Salazar (and if he always flies a villain who wants his skin), Will Turner, will be finally replaced by another young man. Finally, more or less since our good old Will made his return in the saga after having made the dead end on the fourth opus. But this time, it’s still the turn of Henry, incarnated by Brenton Thwaites, to get embarked by the escapades of Jack Sparrow. However, Henry is not just anyone . As revealed in the making of Pirates of the Caribbean: The Revenge of Salazar , he is none other than the son of Will Turner, whom he must not really know since the latter is doomed to wander on the seas, Having the right to touch land only every 10 years. So, in Melty, we think that Henry necessarily shares some traits of character with the former companion of Jack Sparrow. And as you will see, we are not very far from the truth.
In an interview with USA Today, Brenton Thwaites said a little about his character and his motivations. And like Will, Henry seeks above all to help people and … to save his father. ” [Henry] is a guy who just wants to do good and help people, and we, young men, always try to break the curse on our fathers . And we do remember that it was while wanting to save his father that Will agreed to become the captain of the Flying Dutchman! Do we have to conclude from this that Henry will try to free his father from his fate? We can hope – and we cross our fingers so that Jack lends a hand between two purses with Salazar. Will’s destiny remains particularly bitter and a large part of us wish it to be finally delivered from its mission. Provided that Henry does not find himself cursed in his place of course. Anyway, the meeting between Will and his son, teased in a scene of the last teaser of Pirates of the Caribbean 5 , promises to be moving! Are you looking forward to getting to know Henry?