Pirates of the Caribbean 5: Geoffrey Rush ADORE the revelation around Barbossa

Cinema 30 May, 2017

Pirates of the Caribbean The Revenge of Salazar is currently in the movies and discovered a secret of size on Barbossa!
ATTENTION THIS ITEM CONTAINS IMPORTANT SPOILERS – If you have not yet seen Pirates of the Caribbean The Revenge of Salazar , do not continue reading! Still there ? OK ! While the new chapter of the saga Pirates of the Caribbean brings us a little freshness in the dark rooms, we still think back to what we saw in this new adventure. The emblematic characters of the saga are back and among them is Captain Barbossa who is one of our favorite ‘bad guys’ and who has the right to his share of revelations in The Revenge of Salazar . ATTENTION SPOILERS – in the film directed by Joachim Rønning & Espen Sandberg we learn that the newcomer, Carina Smyth aka Kaya Scodelario , is actually the Captain’s daughter, a child whom he had left on the steps of an orphanage shortly after his birth. A twist that Geoffrey Rush, who lends his features to Barbossa, loved it.
He explains . “I like the fact that we discover a surprising secret about her past, something that for a long time hiding When I discovered this secret, I thought back to the previous films to see if it ‘ Was something thoughtful where if the writers had taken this idea randomly and I think it’s coherent, I think his love for Jack, the little monkey, comes from there. The reunion will have been short-lived, but maybe we will know more about this story in the aftermath of the Pirates of the Caribbean saga that could be done without Johnny Depp .