Pirates of the Caribbean 5: Geoffrey Rush “Barbosa is a real survivor”

Cinema 29 May, 2017

In Pirates of the Caribbean 5, mythical captain Barbosa returns to service. His interpreter, the talented Geoffrey Rush, confided in excluded to melty on his character …
This is a real success for Pirates of the Caribbean! Captain Jack Sparrow and his crew hit hard at the box office and it’s not ready to finish. In Pirates of the Caribbean 5, which you can discover our criticism , we learn more about the origins of Jack and how he became who he is. If the arrival of new characters such as Brenton Thwaites and Kaya Scodelario in Pirates of the Caribbean 5 , Salazar’s Vengeance, gives a boost to the saga, the presence of the elders puts us in our hearts. Our dear and mythical captain Barbosa , played by Geoffrey Rush, told melty about the challenges he faced in this fifth installment of the saga.
Were you happy to put on the wooden leg of Captain Barbosa?
Geoffrey Rush (Captain Barbosa): That’s good. They constantly give a new dimension to the character. When you see me at the beginning of the film, exposing my wealth, listening to music, you see that a new character is created.
What are the differences between the Barbosa of the first and the last film?
Geoffrey Rush (Captain Barbosa): In the first film, with the Black Pearl, he was ruthless and psychopathic, dark. He was a naughty narcissist. After receiving a bullet, Tia Dalma brought me back to life. I was rather surprised that they brought me back to life. But I needed the other lords of piracy to break the curse and defeat Davy Jones. On top of that, I worked for the King of England, to bother Jack Sparrow. With all this, I think Barbosa is a real survivor. Despite his age and wooden leg, he is still alive. Besides, he should have a disability pension.
And if you were a real pirate, what would you do first?
Geoffrey Rush (Captain Barbosa): If I were a real pirate … Well, I do not know if I’d be brave enough. I would certainly work in the financial field, in the exchange of boats. I think I would hack people, to learn more about their identities.