Pirates of the Caribbean 5: New details on the characters unveiled in the official synopsis!

Cinema 6 January, 2017

A more detailed synopsis of Pirates of the Caribbean 5 was unveiled. And he gives us some details about the new characters in the saga and on Jack’s boat!
Ah, sacred Jack Sparrow! Whatever he does, he is always plunged into the most unimaginable troubles! And after fighting two cursed crew, a sea witch in firecracker and face the famous Blackbeard hoping to discover the Fountain of Youth, he’s pursued by Salazar, played by Javier Bardem, in Pirates of the Caribbean 5 . Sometimes one wonders why our favorite pirate simply does not change career, especially when you see in which situations it is not possible. And this time again, Captain Jack Sparrow will have to be more cunning than ever if he wants to prevent Salazar from putting his hand on her. An official synopsis more detailed than ever comes to be unveiled on the canvas and tells us a little more about the trials that the character of Johnny Depp will have to cross during his next adventure. Fortunately for him, he can however count on the support of two little newcomers, on which we now learn a little more . And as a bonus, we even discover the name of the new boat of our famous captain!
The synopsis posted by Disney and melty you discover explains: ” In this new fantasy adventure, one finds the hapless Captain Jack that feels pursued by bad luck when the deadly ghosts of sailors led by the terrifying Captain Salazar ( Javier Bardem) escape from the Devil’s Triangle with the intention of killing all the pirates who sail the seas – and especially Jack – his only chance of survival rests on the legendary Poseidon Trident, He has to form a difficult alliance with Carina Smyth (Kaya Scodelario), a beautiful and brilliant astronomer, and Henry (Branton Thwaites), a stubborn sailor of the Navy. At the head of Dying Gull, his pitifully tiny and shabby ship, Captain Jack is not only trying to stop the wave of bad luck that strikes but also seeking to escape the most cunning enemy and the more formidable he has ever faced . “.
So yes, it smells bad for Jack! And clearly, if one believes the name of his new ship – The Dying Seagull in VF – it is clear that our good captain has recently investigated disasters. RIP, true Black Pearl … The synopsis, however, gives us some additional information on the nature of Carina and Henry, the two new sidekick Jack. Apparently, the trio will have a little trouble finding some form of understanding! What makes us even more think that Henry is indeed the son of Elizabeth and Will Turner, who had themselves a somewhat complicated relationship with our pirate. However, nothing is said about the famous iconic character that is supposed to be back in Pirates of the Caribbean 5 . Whatever its role, it will be the surprise! Do you look forward to seeing the film?