Pirates of the Caribbean 5: Orlando Bloom (Will Turner) gives details on his role

Cinema 27 April, 2017

If you were wondering what role Will Turner played in Pirates of the Caribbean 5, Orlando Bloom in person gave some details!
What was not our excitement when we learned that Orlando Bloom would be back in his role as Will Turner in Pirates of the Caribbean 5: The Revenge of Salazar ! Then the latter pointed the end of his nose in one of the many trailers of the film, somewhat mismatched, and it made us even crazier! Since then, we can not help but wonder what role he could play in this new adventure. You get arrested right away, do not get too excited. Orlando Bloom personally summarized his role in this fifth installment and there is not really anything to whip a cat. “I saw the movie, I have a cameo. You see me a bit at the beginning of the story and a little bit at the end. I send my son on a mission , “he said. That is, it is said, Will Turner has only a small role in Pirates of the Caribbean 5 and it is he who sends his son Henry, played by Brenton Thwaites, to find Jack Sparrow. Perhaps to warn him of the danger to come?
Afterwards, nothing tells us that Orlando Bloom does not try to turn us into jenny, so that we discover the truth about his role only when the film is released. Especially if, as speculated recently, Will Turner is actually on the side of the bad guys . It would not be the first time, after all, that an actor is leading us on the wrong track. In any case, we hope, because the trio Jack Sparrow-Will Turner-Elizabeth Swann missed us and we would like to find this shock team. Orlando Bloom promised that Pirates of the Caribbean 5 would look very much like the first part of the franchise. “The first film is for many the best of the franchise. They have somehow resumed this story for this new film , “he said, Before adding that this fifth part was a “fantastic entertainment” and that it would not disappoint us. Verdict in a few weeks! And you what do you think ?