Pirates of the Caribbean 5: Paul McCartney reveals the look of his character

Cinema 14 May, 2017

While the release of Pirates of the Caribbean: The Revenge of Salazar approaches, Paul McCartney has just revealed the look of his character on Twitter!
It was one of the announcements of this fifth episode of the adventures of Jack Sparrow: the presence of the famous Paul McCartney. The singer known for having belonged to the Beatles but also for his duets with Michael Jackson, Rihanna or Kanye West revealed a little more about his character. It is through a tweet that the fans of the artist and / or the franchise have discovered what the latter would look like and it must be admitted that the result is … surprising! In Pirates of the Caribbean 5, in which a very different Jack Sparrow is to be expected , Paul McCartney will wear a huge beard, deadlocks, a hat on his head and possess a mysterious card game.
This mysterious card game could well be one of Paul McCartney’s trademarks. As a reminder, the latter will be a prison guard … bad or good? It was not until the release of Pirates of the Caribbean 5, whose Brenton Twaites recounted his first scene with Johnny Depp , to discover it. Paul McCartney will not be the first legendary artist to make his foray into the saga. Several years ago, Keith Richards played the father of Jack Sparrow , played by Johnny Depp , in two episodes of the franchise. In other words, between the rockers and Pirates of the Caribbean , there is a great love story! What do you think ?