Pirates of the Caribbean 5: What could the next look like?

Cinema 31 May, 2017

What would the sequel to Pirates of the Caribbean The Revenge of Salazar look like? We already have some ideas, with and without Johnny Depp.
We love them our Pirates! While some parts of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise have not really convinced us, Salazar’s Revenge is rather very cool and made us want more adventures alongside our favorite Pirates. ATTENTION SPOILERS – If some cult characters left us for good, others came back and allow us to imagine a sequel if Disney decided to continue the adventure. You know, Johnny Depp announced that Salazar’s Revenge would be his last time in the shoes of Jack Sparrow , but in our heads, a sequel is possible without him. If it remains so much better, if it leaves the Pirates still have a long life before them.
Yes, Pirates of the Caribbean’s Revenge Salazar showed the return of Will and Elizabeth Turner and also introduced two new characters that we have adopted immediately: Henry Turner & Carina Smyth aka Brenton Thwaites and Kaya Scodelario, son of Will and Elizabeth And the daughter of Barbossa . If you stayed until the end of the credits, you saw that the return of an emblematic character was teased and that the latter had after the couple that we follow since the first film. What if Will and Elizabeth’s reunion were short lived? Davy Jones was certainly able to return to life thanks to the destruction of Poseidon’s trident, which means that Will is going to have to go back to fight, surrounded by all his family.
The sequel could also allow us to follow Carina in full exploration of her legacy. Could the young girl set out to conquer the ocean to do honor to her father, who had hardly recovered, but already lost? We can imagine the Turner family and Carina sailing on the oceans for a mission or in search of Davy Jones … The directors may say that the scene was nothing specific, the return of this silhouette has nothing for us trivial. If Jack Sparrow is back he will certainly find his place in this mission and if he is absent, we trust in Disney to find a plausible explanation! What kind of suite would you like to see?