Pirates of the Caribbean 5: Will Turner (Orlando Bloom) back in the new trailer

Cinema 6 February, 2017

Will Turner is back in the new trailer for Pirates of the Caribbean The Revenge of Salazar unveiled this night during the Super Bowl.
He’s Back! Fans of the franchise were waiting and we finally have the first glimpse of Will Turner aka Orlando Bloom in Pirates of the Caribbean trailer Revenge Salazar due out in theaters on May 24. New images were unveiled tonight at the 2017 Super Bowl, and this new franchise turns out to be truly spectacular. The dead have taken control of the ocean and seem to be looking for Jack Sparrow aka Johnny Depp who seems to have made (yet) many enemies. This new trailer also allows us to discover for the first time the character of Kaya Scodelario which is also in bad shape!
Will they succeed in fighting this tide of death? The music, sets or special effects, the presence of the iconic characters of the franchise, Jack Sparrow who reports to his best (ahem …), Pirates of the Caribbean’s Revenge Salazar could well be one of the best films of the saga , and we can not wait to find out.