PNL: In the legend, has this album become a classic of French rap?

Entertainment 28 June, 2017

While the second album of NLP “In the legend” continues to break new records, in melty, we wondered if this one had not already become a classic of French rap. The answer, right away!
In terms of titles, we can say that the two brothers from Corbeil-Essonnes could not have chosen better. “The world or nothing” , “In the legend” and others, are there to remind us that NLP, currently very silent (who could work on a new project ), have always wanted to work in the big leagues . And it’s done. Since the release of their second album, nothing seems to stop the duo. This will have allowed them to get their direct entry in the line-up of Coachella, as well as on one of The Fader . So, at Melty, we wondered: has the duo’s second album already become a classic of French rap?
One would tend to answer the question affirmatively . Obviously, we agree that a classic becomes one by its success and by its duration in time . If it’s been only 10 months since the duo’s second album rocked the French music scene, it nevertheless resonates in the minds and does not take a wrinkle . Especially since their silence only makes us appreciate a little more this second album, in which there are not tubes missing. What is certain is that In the legend continues to be present in our ears and on the airwaves, and that it could stay there very, very long . NLP was concerned, Elsewhere in our special playlist to celebrate the festival of music ! And you, you keep listening In the NLP legend?
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