PNL, Nekfeu, Kendrick Lamar … These rappers who adopted the technique of less is more

Entertainment 28 May, 2017

While some artists saturate the media space, others prefer to play discreet, like Nekfeu, Kendrick Lamar or PNL.
Let’s say you want to get started with music. What would be your first reflex in terms of promo? To swing as much as possible: the more you will be present on the Internet and in the newspapers, the more likely you are to make the buzz, and thus to make you known. As a result, some of them do not hesitate to clip a lot of tracks before releasing their album, like Kaaris, who just unveiled the double clip of Boyz in the hood / Contact, which is already at 7 Songs clipped on the 15 present on his last opus Okou Gnakouri . But while the majority of artists adopt this strategy in France and the USA, a small handful prefers to experiment with other stratagems. Methods more risky, but which do not necessarily work less well.
You know the technique of less is more ? The less you do, the better: whether it is by not giving an interview or by not making a clip, some prefer to detach from the usual promo techniques. This is the case of NLP, which has just been certified Diamond Disc with their album In the Legend : by granting no interviews, they create the mystery around them, take no risk of making a gaffe during a Interviews, and their clips being the only moments where you can see them a little, fans rush on them, which allows them to make millions of views each time. In short, it is all benefic for them.
For Nekfeu, it’s a little different: while he willingly gave interviews in the past, the rapper was fed up after a while, as he entrusted to Mouloud Achour for his program Clique . As a result, for his latest album Cyborg , Nekfeu, who will soon play in a new film , has not given any interviews, and has not released any music, leaving only the music to speak. A risky tactic, but finally paying off, since Cyborg has long squatted the podium of the best-selling albums in France. On the US side, Kendrick Lamar was very discreet before the release of his new album DAMN. , Which did not prevent him from making a carton in the charts. We can also think of Drake or Future, Who have not released any clips (except “Mask off” for Future), but who still squat the podium of the best sales of albums. What do you think about the less is more? Do you think this is the best method of promotion?
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