PNL talks about the next clip, the release date is near

Entertainment 24 January, 2017

NLP talks about the next clip and puts us in the mouth. But what is the duo preparing us for?
There are some days, the group NLP published this message announcing heavy for their next video . Today, he reiterates. If the duo from Corbeil-Essonnes is at the top of his career, it’s partly for the way he “manny” the mystery and creates the craze. Yesterday, on Facebook, and Ademo OUR released a teaser for their next video with the following : “Okay chicos chicas You get the clip release date in a few days #CaVaVenirDunCoup!”.
But then, this message leaves room for questioning. Will the band members announce the release date of their next clip in a few days, or will they directly publish the work? This is not surprising coming from NLP, which are constantly being solicited by other rappers . Indeed, surprise and mystery remain their trademark and it definitely pleases their audience that is becoming more and more numerous. So, ready for the new PNL clip?