PNL: The tube Onizuka remixed in techno version by Vanderkush!

Entertainment 22 January, 2017

NLP leaves no one indifferent. Onizuka, one of the tubes of the duet of Tarterets, was remixed in techno mode by Vanderkush, a DJ who has already revisited the pieces of Booba and Joke.
NLP continues to put everyone in agreement. Validated in the States by the magazine The Fader, invited to the festival Coachella 2017, the interpreters of Naha touch with their music a very wide audience. And while the French rap fans eagerly await the release of the next clip NLP whose output is imminent , a DJ did not hesitate to remix one of their greatest hits. This is Vanderkush. After revisiting the sounds of Booba and Joke, DJ, producer and co-founder of the brand and shop Tealer decided to tackle “Onizuka” with the remix “Onizukush” . Get ready to discover your favorite tube in club mode.
As Vanderkush never does things half, he traded his blaze for that of VDK, to be in 100% QLF mode with the rappers of 91. And the least one can say is that his remix dubbed “Onizukush” will make you soar as much as the original or push you to type a few dance steps in the metro OKLM. Its just one of the best remix of a tube of NLP we had the opportunity to listen to the editor. Although, admittedly, this recovery Naha version rock sped us real chills. But if not, what do you think of the remix of “Onizuka”?