Poison Ivy, the Super Story!

Cinema 26 December, 2016

Poison Ivy is the girlfriend of Harley Quinn and she will surely be at the casting of the movie Gotham City Sirens. Here is the Super Story of this renowned eco-terrorist!
Not all the wicked have the sole aim of dominating the world! Some even fight for rather noble causes (good, it’s rare, but it happens), even if it means using means that are not really unanimous. Such is the case with Poison Ivy, a formidable enemy of Batman, with methods even more expeditious than Greenpeace! The wicked, great friend of Harley Quinn, alongside which it surely will in Gotham City Sirens , is indeed an eco-terrorist who has only one idea in mind: to protect the environment and save wildlife . Even if it means reducing the human population worldwide! Poison Ivy – whose real name is Pamela Lillian Isley – appears for the first time in 1966 in the series ” Batman .” The feminist movement made more and more talk about him, demanding strong female characters, and it was to meet this demand that Robert Kanigher decided to create the super villain. Independent and quite able to fend for itself, Poison Ivy itself as a major opponent of female bat man , at a time when Catwoman is gradually changing edge to be closer to our hero.
If Poison Ivy knows a real success, slipping regularly in the pages of ” Batman ” but also ” Suicide Squad”It must however wait until 1970 before it has a right to true origin “, must however wait until 1970 before it is entitled to a true origin story . This is Bob Haney who undertakes to explain in ” World’s Finest ” where does Poison Ivy and why it turned into super-nasty. One learns that Pamela Isley was first a renowned botanist before crossing the path of the criminal Marc LeGrande. He then asks him to help him steal an Egyptian artefact containing herbs. But lest she denounce it, he poisons her with the latter, hoping thus to silence her. But Pamela survived his assassination attempt and realizes she has developed an incredible resistance to all the toxins and poisons of all kinds . She decides to turn to another career, that of crime, and makes the (bad) choice to settle in Gotham. Where she falls inevitably on a bone called Batman!
However, the origins of Poison Ivy will soon be rewritten because … the events of ” Crisis on Infinite Earths ” (1985), inevitably. The series ” Secret Origins ” by Neil Gaiman in January 1989 and tells a different story of origins. Pamela becomes the daughter of a wealthy family and is passionate about botany and biochemistry. At the University of Seattle, she meets Professor Jason Woodrue, who seduces her and asks her to help with her research and experiments. Him serving as guinea pigs, the young woman is injecting poisons and toxins, gradually losing mind as his body is changing and brushing death twice . When Woodrue fled, pursued by the authorities, Pamela enters a mad rage that will lead him, afterwards, to be subjected to violent mood swings. After spending several months in the hospital, she leaves the university and moves to Gotham, where she takes the name of Poison Ivy and goes back to the famous vigilante of the city.the young woman is injecting poisons and toxins, gradually losing the spirit
Most of his criminal career, Poison Ivy will pass in the pages of the series ” Batman ” and its derivatives. It crosses in ” Batman: Poison Ivy ” where she is seen to settle on a deserted Caribbean island that turns into Garden of Eden with his powers, but eventually destroyed by a large corporation over which it will then get revenge. It is also at this point that she swears to purify Gotham by … completely covering her with plants! And if, suddenly, it often confronts Batman, sometimes it also happens to team up with him . Thus, the justice and the super-evil come together in 1996 in ” Batman: Shadow of the Bat ” (Alan Grant, Dave Taylor) to terminate the twisted plans of Woodrue, income in the guise of the villain Floronic Man. As for Harley Quinn, it’s not in the comics she actually met him but in the animated series ” Batman ,” which begins in 1992.
It is also noteworthy that despite his bad etiquette, Pamela knows how to show kindness . Like when, following an earthquake that ravaged Gotham, she moved into the park and Robinson takes under his wing 16 children who lost their families during the disaster ( ” Batman: No Man’s Land ,” Jordan B Gorfinkel, Greg Rucka). Unfortunately, when the authorities seek to drive her out of the park, she accidentally kills one of her protégés, prompting her to get rid of her powers. Yet, when the super-wicked Hush suggests that she use a serum to recover her abilities, Pamela accepts and … seems to die in the process. This does not prevent us from finding the crossover ” One Year Later ” (2006) where she resumed his crusade against the enemies of the environment! Between 2009 and 2011, she appeared in ” Gotham City Sirens ” by Paul Dini, where she made a covenant with Catwoman and Harley Quinn. This is what comics should be adapted in the film Gotham City Sirens, which could also accommodate Deadshot to its cast .
With the launch in 2011 of ” New 52 ” Poison Ivy origins are rewritten once again in ” Detective ComicsPamela, who was born with a skin condition that condemns her to spend only a short time outside, is passionate about her family’s garden, but with a violent father who ends up killing her mother, not grow in a balanced environment. adult, she develops some pills to control the mind “. Born with a skin disease that condemns her to spend only a short time outside, Pamela is passionate about the garden of her family. But with a violent father who ends up killing her mother, the girl does not grow up in a very balanced environment. Adult, she develops some pills to control the spirit of those who swallow it, even finding an internship at Wayne Enterprises. Until the day his proposals draw him the anger of Bruce Wayne, who throws it out. At this point, it reverses it on its products, which gives it its incredible powers . Recruited by Black Canary, Poison Ivy then briefly joined the Birds of Prey, melty which told you the Super Story , she ends also betray. Proof of his still significant reputation, super-nasty even right from January 2016 to its own mini-series entitled ” Poison Ivy: Cycle of Life and Death ” Amy Chu and Clay Man, in which she investigates The murder of his mentor Luisa Cruz with the help of Catwoman.
Seductive and intelligent, yet Pamela is a misanthrope who has only one desire: to live in peace in a world covered with plants . So to get to her ends, she never hesitates to make use of her superpowers. Because the body is saturated with toxin, it is immune to all existing poisons and viruses. That does not prevent him from being very gifted in their making! But Poison Ivy’s danger lies elsewhere. Because its greater ability is to control plants and communicate with them. Its body can also secrete pheromones that allow it to influence men – provided they do not have too strong a will. We know for example that his pheromones have no effect on Batman, to his great despair moreover, Poison Ivy being obsessed by the justice of Gotham. The young woman’s costume is also covered with branches of vines, which can be used as weapons in certain situations. Pamela is therefore very well equipped to fight for the survival of the environment. An eco-terrorist, therefore, that one has no trouble to appreciate! Did you know Poison Ivy?