Pokemon Sun & Moon, The Animated Series: Episode 1, Alola for new adventures, our recap

Cinema 19 November, 2016

In the first episode of the animated series Pokemon Sun and Moon, Ash and Pikachu XX

pokemon-soleil-luneAsh, Pikachu and his mom land on the archipelago Alola, history of some sun, but also to play couriers to Professor Chen, stayed in Tokyo. Indeed, Sacha has obviously traveled thousands of kilometers to bring an egg cousin of Professor Chen. When you know you can teleport directly Pokemon of Pokemon center to another, we say that even when Sacha was a little entuber. While the boy explores the back of normal Sharpedo region, and he presents at the same time the Pokémontures Pokemon Sun and Moon , it don “t forget therefore its mission, and decides to go in search of Pokemon school. a few hours and a chase through the forest later, he found the cousin of Professor Chen to the Pokemon school, and meets at the same time his first friends.
Suddenly, just like that, without warning, the Team Skull, arrives and tries to mess Kiawe, a student of the Pokemon School. As usual, Sacha decided to listen only to his heart, and to meddle in what does not concern him. But while our hero tries to show his skills to anyone, we discover one of the coolest new Pokemon Sun and Moon , the capacity Z. As the battle ends in huge explosion, a mysterious Pokemon appeared, and calls Sasha. This is actually Tokorico, a mysterious Pokemon Guardian which shows to anyone except to Sacha who just landed on Alola visibly. After nightfall, Sacha following strange voices ( in his head ), and Tokorico meeting which offers him a mysterious bracelet. It was enough for most independent boys of 11 years decided to give up once again his mother, to stay to explore the archipelago Alola, and become the best trainer in the area. To track following the adventures of Sacha Alola, visit Gulli ! What did you think of this first episode of Pokemon Sun and Moon?