Pokemon Sun & Moon, The Animated Series: Episode 2, The challenge of the guard, our recap

Cinema 22 November, 2016

The adventures of Ash and Pikachu to Alola continue, and this time it is a surprise party that turns to confrontation!

pokemon-soleil-luneIt is therefore a Sacha more determined than ever to be found in the Pokemon School. After arrival at Alola particularly eventful in the first episode of Pokemon Sun and Moon , Ash finally made up his mind to conquer the archipelago, by participating in the Tour of the islands . Well I must say that hand with a big advantage. He not only Pikachu with him ( which is when the Pokemon even the toughest of all seasons combined ), but in addition, the guardian of the island, Tokorico offered him a Z strap completely badass . The kind of stuff that normally gets after having defeated all the champions of the island. Sacha is clearly a huge privileged, but it is not there to be kidding! Kiawe the guy a little fun of the band ( no, we kidding ) quickly returns to its place, reminding us that great powers inspire great responsibility. And as Sacha is someone really nice, his buddies decide to hold him a little welcome party. Okay, enough is produced quickly that this is actually a huge hazing organized by the former . Exit the traditional Pokemon battle, the heroes must chain challenges. And the least we can say is that it fails them really, since they are a little wear out the head.
Fortunately, hostilities shall end quickly, since the island’s caretaker Mele Mele Tokorico landed again . This time, no gifts for the Pokemon is just there to pique the cap Sacha. Maybe go to the wash after 20 seasons screwed on the head, his headgear should not smell the patchouli. In fact, it is to fight that Tokorico leads Sacha in the forest. Why, no one knows. Anyway, our intrepid hero has the good sense to use its Z bracelet, to test the new capabilities of Pikachu, you can also get easily in the Sun and Moon Pokemon games . A massacre that destroyed everything in its path except Tokorico, who did not move a muscle. Amazed to have managed this masterstroke, Sacha realizes his crystal Z has completely disintegrated with the power of shock. He decided to undertake his tour of the islands , to win new crystals, and receives a new gift, the Alola Pokédex. What did you think of the second episode?