Polnareff case: the American Hospital confirmed pulmonary embolism

After the accusations of the producer of the singer, the American Hospital, where the artist is being treated, confirmed his double pulmonary embolism.

New twist in the case “Michel Polnareff” . After the recent accusations of the producer Gilbert Coulier – which complained to the Medical Council – the health status of performer Letter to France continues to debate. Parties race: doctors and the artist’s entourage against producers who provide inconsistencies during his hospitalization . In question, the cancellation of his last two concerts in Paris and Nantes. Le Journal du Dimanche had also expressed doubts as to the real reasons for the cancellation of its representations. The day before, the artist aged 72 have also been seen in the bar of his hotel to drink alcohol or not, for a total amount of 362 euros.
Today, the leadership of the American Hospital of Paris wanted to set the record straight in a statement written in consultation with the patient: ” The CTA has revealed several emboli present in the circulation of both lungs. Pulmonary embolism is a condition involving life-threatening at any moment , ” it said.
However, after the cancellation of those last shows of the tour, who were uninsured and whose financial losses amount to 200 000 per day, the producer still doubt: ” My questions will focus on cancellation Pleyel, explained Gilbert Coulier in an interview to Le Point. At 16 h 30, he decided to cancel without even telling me, spends his afternoons at the bar and the evening at the hotel’s restaurant, then call a doctor 23 hours does not issue him a medical certificate and that not advocate him off work. (…) The next day he then decides on his own to go to the American Hospital to listen to the doctor Siou, a general practitioner chosen by his agent. The doctor keeps under observation for sinusitis and the next day announced a double pulmonary embolism with prognosis reserved. ” After these recent statements, the doctor Michel Polnareff, Doctor Siou is ready to present the medical record . Stay tuned…

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