Poor physical condition increases the risk of inflammatory diseases

Health 18 January, 2018


Published the 18.01.2018 at 12: 20 pm


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Move on it, it is good for the health ! The benefits of physical activity are well known and recognized. Be in good physical condition allows you to be in better health. By contrast, to have “the flop” or “brioche” is really bad.
A study done at the university of Copenhagen in Denmark shows that a poor physical condition is associated, of course, a waistline too high, but also a greater risk of inflammation. The results were published this week in the journal PLOS One.

The fat secretes proteins of inflammation

It is known, through numerous studies, that a surplus of fat inside the belly (visceral fat) can increase the risk of chronic inflammation and diseases related to a disorder of the metabolism (metabolic syndrome). This risk is related to a secretion by the fat intra-abdominal pro-inflammatory proteins : the ” adipokines “.
In this new study, the researchers found that the level of physical fitness is also inversely proportional to both the abdominal fat and the waist circumference at the level of inflammation.

An extensive study and reliable criteria

The scientists analysed the data of 10 976 persons. In order to assess their physical form, they were tested for VO2 max, the test in use which calculates the maximum amount of oxygen an individual can consume during physical activity. It is calculated per unit of time. The waist circumference of the people has been measured, as well as their weight, blood tests were performed to determine the level of C-reactive protein.
The researchers found that people with a good physical condition and had a waist smaller, and less inflammation, and this without a direct link with their body mass index. The body mass index is, in fact, poorly correlated to the waist circumference : it can be a bit bigger but have a very big belly or being obese and have especially big ass!!!

The inflammation related to abdominal fat

Several studies have demonstrated the last few years that the pro-inflammatory proteins that are secreted by the fat in the belly and organs in the belly are responsible for a general inflammation and a worsening of autoimmune diseases.
For example, in osteoarthritis, the adipokines are associated with osteoarthritis of the hands more aggressive in the obese, while it is fairly rare to see an obese to walk on their hands ! The overload of the joints, therefore, can not be raised. In the same way, in the course of rheumatoid arthritis and spondylarthritis, these autoimmune diseases are more severe in the obese and the treatments, even the most powerful, are less effective.

To be in shape and avoid inflammatory diseases, walk, run, cycle or swim, but the main thing is to get moving !