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Health 4 July, 2017

Porsche has presented its 911 GT2 RS last Friday, during the Festival of Speed at Goodwood (Uk). New engine, rear spoiler, oversized… this supercar won the title of the Porsche 911 the most powerful ever produced.

Porsche has not finished to make dream lovers of speed. The German brand has presented last Friday his 911 GT2 RS, on the occasion of the Festival of Speed in Goodwood (United Kingdom), which was completed last Sunday. This version is neither more nor less than the fastest and most powerful 911 homologated for the road.

It is nothing other than the 911, the most powerful of the house of Porsche to this day. New Porsche 911 GT2 RS. pic.twitter.com/gpdiwHARHc

— Porsche France (@Porsche_France) June 30, 2017

700 horse power

Air intakes wide open, skirt prominent, carbon-fiber rear spoiler, oversized… this supercar combines sporty looks and superb performance. The 911 GT2 RS comes with a six-cylinder engine, designed from the block of the 911 Turbo S that deployed 580 horses. With this 3.8-litre, Porsche has achieved the feat of deploying 700 horses of power. The maximum torque (motor rotation speed) increased from 700 to 750 Nm, reports Le Figaro.

A box with double clutch (PDK) seven-speed replaces the six-speed manual of the previous models. This exceptional car weighs 1 470 kg, with a full tank. To gain 30 pounds and optimize the speed of the supercar, the manufacturer offers a pack Weissach option. Rear wheels guidelines, carbon ceramic brakes, exhaust system in titanium ultra-light tire and Ultra High Performance (UHP)… This new 911 has only one vocation, the speed.

#Porsche : The 911 Turbo S is released in a limited edition. @Porsche_France https://t.co/xdXsV9XAhl pic.twitter.com/ek3uafmewL

— LesFurets.com (@LesFurets) June 12, 2017

340 km/h top speed

With all these advantages, the 911 GT2 RS reaches the 100 km/h in 2.8 seconds. It could travel at 340 km/h maximum speed, 10 km/h faster than the previous model. To complement the experience of the driver, Porsche has designed a cabin design with sporty characteristic. The custom interior is covered in suede-red on the steering wheel, the pavilion and the racing bucket.

For their part, the dashboard, doors and the exterior of the bucket are dressed in black leather. The driver will find on this model, the bucket seats with headrest, features of race cars. To acquire that dream car, you will have to pay 289.175 euros. The car is delivered with the application Porsche Track Precision, designed to record, display, and analyze the driving data on your smartphone.

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