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Entertainment 10 September, 2017


This Sunday, September 10, Laurent Delahousse launches ” 19h Sunday “, a new slice of information on France 2. The journalist’s flagship public service, which for the occasion will be accompanied by many of the chroniclers, among whom Alain Duhamel, ‘ Abd al-Malik or Caroline Fourest, but also two former Prime ministers Jean-Pierre Raffarin and Edith Cresson, the latter, who, since his short passage at Matignon at the beginning of the 90’s has done little about it in the media.

At age 83, Edith Cresson is still to this day still the only woman to have been Prime minister in France ; the function assumed only ten months between may 1991 and April 1992 and that, because of the unpopularity record that will push François Mitterrand to appoint in the emergency Pierre Bérégovoy at Matignon. A departure as a relief to the politician who a few years later, stated that when she met with the president of the Republic for him to ” propose measures “, it ” would always say yes “, and then ” recognized that there was nothing he could do against the strong discontent of the parliamentary group socialist.

Therefore, not to speak of crossing the desert, Edith Cresson will disappear somewhat from the national political life ; François Mitterrand who “ offered ” in 1995, a european commissioner, in Brussels, in charge of sector Science, Research, Education and Training. Mandate during which it will face a cancer, it will recover after a few years. Disease that it will be kept secret during four years.

In fact, it is only in a letter of wishes addressed in 2001 the inhabitants of Châtellerault, where she served as mayor until 1997, that the former Prime minister had been part of this evil : “I wish to deliver you the explanation I owe you. I knew in the fall of 1997 I was struck with a disease that required all of my forces: the cancer. I have suffered two heavy operations in November 1997 and July 1998, as well as several sessions of chemotherapy. It is on my hospital bed that I learned that I had won the battle, in any case for the time being , ‘said she, before apologizing:” If I didn’t announced earlier and what was happening to me, it is for two reasons : I didn’t want to worry unnecessarily the Châtelleraudais and I had need of all the forces for this fight that it leads only “.

2001, the year in which Edith Cresson has taken over the presidency of the Foundation for the schools of the second chance ; schools that cater for young people from 18 years of age out of the school system for more than a year, without a diploma and without qualification. And does it explain in the columns of the JDD that by joining Laurent Delahousse in ” 19h Sunday “, it is not to begin to 83 years in a new career in the media : “I am not converted not. I should note that I already have all the networks of the schools of the second chance, which is a real job, even if I do this on a voluntary basis.

If Edith Cresson will be required occasionally to bring his view of politics or society, it is primarily because Laurent Delahousse was able to find the words to convince her to join his team of chroniclers : “I accepted because I appreciate very much, Laurent Delahousse. This is a journalist who is not trying to trap. I had already done a show with him that was very well spent ” she says in the JDD.

Note that, in 19h, Sunday, Edith Cresson, support of the current president of the Republic, will sit on the side of another former Prime minister, as she is a native of Vienna, Jean-Pierre Raffarin. “Personally, I don’t become a journalist ! I am volunteering to share my analysis and my experience. Freely “, recently explained the former Prime minister Jacques Chirac on Twitter in response to a tweet from Bernard Pivot, in which it was ” strange that the politicians who hate the journalists become journalists when supposedly they are not making policy.

Laurent Delahousse, Jean-Pierre Raffarin

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