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Entertainment 10 September, 2017


A doctor at the internationally renowned oncologist of the top-flight, David Khayat, 61, is the man to whom Johnny Hallyday has been trusted to try to cure his cancer. Spotlight on this great French professional of the health.

David Khayat, has advised presidents, joined by the great personalities and evolve dramatically in the global fight against cancer. In recent years, it has also become the physician of record for Johnny Hallyday, the man called in reinforcements to try to heal the rocker 74 years of age. Not hesitating to go to the United States for access to patient, working hand in hand with the american doctors at the Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles, David Khayat, is able to convince Johnny Hallyday to quit smoking, even electronic, after decades of consumption. Considered as the oncologist the most reputed in France, he supervised near the chemotherapy of the singer and then put in place the immunotherapy finally managed to stop the advance of his cancer. If Johnny Hallyday is still today able to organise a music tour and unleashed the crowds on the scene, it is in part thanks to professor David Khayat.

From the top of its 61 years, with his smiling face, his glasses and his gray hair, the doctor gives the impression of bathing in the joy of living. His job is far from simple. “Every Monday and Tuesday, I check and I see people die, he says to Paris Match. In the end, I can’t imagine… and I kiss my wife in the morning, I know that she is going to die, I will kiss my children, I know that they will die. Most normal people don’t think about it. “Him, though. This Nice of birth, the eldest of the boys of a jewish family of tunisian immigrants in the south of France, dreams of becoming a doctor since the age of eight years. He opted for the cancer after the wife of his best friend, nearly succumbing to the disease. He has since been working hard to evolve the science in this field and hope to one day come to end this evil, which never ceases to progress. Co-inventor of the specialty of medical oncology, founder of the national cancer Institute and the international Institute of cancerology, Paris, member director of the American Society of Clinical Oncology, the origin of large screening campaigns national, David Khayat, devotes all his energy to the fight against cancer leaves, even, to spend as little time with his children. After having spent more than twenty years at the head of the service of oncology of the hospital of the Pitié-Salpêtrière hospital, in Paris, he is now working at the american Hospital in Neuilly and took advantage of his free time to write articles for medical journals and books for the general public. Despite all this, this close to Jacques Chirac, Bernard Henri-Lévy or Alain Ducasse manages to keep the smile and the joy of living.

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