Power Rangers: 3 things you did not know about the Ranger Rose

Cinema 23 March, 2017

The Power Rangers will take their first steps to the cinema next month and you will discover all their secrets. We start with the Pink Ranger!
More than 20 years! If the Power Rangers get their first movie on the big screen in 2017 , it’s been more than 20 years already that they are part of our lives. The series is in its 24th season and next April we will discover a brand new team for a new adventure in cinemas. As the series is quite old, we decided to offer you a complete guide on the heroes that we will discover on April 5th and we start today with the secrets of Ranger Rose played here by Naomi Scott aka Kimberly. If the actress has appropriated the character for this new version, the Ranger Rose has a long history and we reveal you everything!
The Ranger Rose is the only Ranger never to have been played by a man – If several declinations have been made during the 24 years of existence of the Power Rangers, no man has ever slipped into the Pink costume of the Team. A color story? Absolutely, but things are evolving and maybe the movie franchise will bring us our first man Pretty in Pink !
No actor, but 14 different actresses! As you were told a little earlier, it is Naomi Scott who will fight in the costume of the Ranger Rose and she succeeds no less than 13 other actresses. The best known is of course Amy Jo Johnson who gave life to the character in the American series of the 90s. Each of these 13 actresses has offered a new life to this character and we are eager to discover what Naomi Scott reserves us.
The Ranger Rose was not always a hero . Yes, in Power Rangers’ history there was also a devilish Ranger Rose who nearly killed her competitor who was fighting to do good around her. A villain who at the time had managed to soften the public and who became a character appreciated by the spectators. The latter survived long enough before it was finally eliminated, so we should not find it in the film, but maybe if the film is a success this storyline will be exploited again!