Power Rangers: Bryan Cranston (Zordon) explains why he accepted the role

Cinema 15 January, 2017

Bryan Cranston will soon play Zordon in The Power Rangers. The actor explains why he accepted such a role!
The choice of Bryan Cranston , famous Walter White Breaking Bad Hal and Malcolm, to play Zordon has surprised many fans. However, the actor has justified this choice in an exclusive interview with IGN and after the latter reveals why has he wanted to join the Power Rangers (whose heroes and their Zords were unveiled on new photos ). The man then explained “I first thought” The Power Rangers? It’s like the Batman of the 60’s with his Pong! Zing! Whap! “Then Dean Israelite called me and said,” When Batman switched from television to movies, he became a totally different animal. We’ll take the Rangers and reinvent a more real way ” .
What Bryan Cranston answered Israelite “Okay, send me the script” . After reading, the actor says he told the director “” Very well. You are right. The children look like children and everyone is not overtrained athlete. “Then I thought it would be a nice tribute to my work when I started, when I doubled the votes” . Because if you had forgotten, Bryan Cranston doubled one of the characters from the television series Power Rangers as shown in the video above! The Power Rangers, whose surprising design Goldar was revealed , so that will provide the first rumors claimed and now confirmed by Bryan Cranston: heroes (almost) ordinary . What do you think of this interview?