Power Rangers: What does the post-generic scene mean?

Cinema 5 April, 2017

The post-generic scenes have become a habit in superhero movies and the Power Rangers are explained to you.

Which superhero franchise has not yet adopted the tradition of including post-generic scenes to teaser the sequel? Captain America does, the Avengers do it and there is no doubt that the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 will contain one as well. Today the Power Rangers film is released in the dark rooms and as we announce it in our review , it is really very cool. A little advice because you love yourself, do not leave when the end credits begin because a post-generic scene awaits you and we explain what it means! WARNING SPOILER . You are still here ? Let’s Go!
In this famous post-generic scene we find our superheroes in glue, because the high school does not care a little that they managed to save the world, anonymity obliges they are always punished! The teacher who is also punished a little, makes the call and waits for the answer of a certain Tommy Oliver. 3 attempts later, still no answer and we discover an empty table with a chair on which is laid a green jacket … So who is this famous Tommy? In the original series Tommy was none other than the Green Ranger , a ranger that started from the dark side of the force, on the side of Rita Repulsa the great villain of the film. He then joined the heroes and became one of the most powerful members of the group!