Powerless: A new promo video for comedy DC Comics with Vanessa Hudgens

Cinema 6 January, 2017

A little news is about to join the DC Comics family … But this time, it will make you laugh! Discover a new Powerless trailer with Vanessa Hudgens.
In 2017 the superheroes will continue to assault our screens! This week, we learned that a new DC Comics series is in preparation. After Arrow, The Flash, Gotham or Lucifer , a show is going to join the ranks. But he is not the only one. In a few weeks, NBC will launch Powerless, the first sitcom on the DC universe. The pitch? In a world of superheroes, it is not always easy for ordinary mortals! The mission of Wayne Security? Protect “Mr. Everybody” damage caused by vigilantes in underwear and tights that pervade everyday life. A task that Emily Locke (Vanessa Hudgens) will take very seriously. Like what, not need super powers to help others ! Discover now a new promo video Powerless …
This is the 2 February next we can finally discover this superhero series like no other. In the lead role, there is a Vanessa Hudgens fitter than ever … gone are the days of High School Musical ! The 28-year-old actress is trying out comedy and judging by this new video promo, it seems to go pretty well. At his side, found Danny Pudi ( Community ), Ron Funches ( Undateable ) or Alan Tudyk ( Suburgatory , Arrested Development ), comic sound values! So, do we really need a sitcom in the DC Comics universe? Answer in less than a month! In the meantime, stay connected and browse more new images of Powerless here … So you let a chance Powerless?