Powerless: Episode 1, the new DC Comics series worth it? Our verdict!

Cinema 3 February, 2017

Last night, NBC was broadcasting episode 1 of Powerless, the latest series from the DC Comics universe. So, are we in or are we out? Our verdict!
Finally ! After months of waiting, we discovered the new DC Comics series entitled Powerless . Carried by Vanessa Hudgens, DC’s first comedy tells us the story of the lovely Emily Locke, the new Director of R & D at Wayne Enterprises. There, we create products that allow the human population to protect themselves from damage caused by superheroes . Obviously, her first day is complicated and the pretty brunette has difficulty to integrate into this new team that does not trust her. The pitch of the series is, admittedly, particularly original, but one can then wonder if it is worth it? The answer is nuanced: yes and no. In fact, it all depends on where you stand in terms of affinity when it comes to TV series.
If you are an aficionado of the superhero series, Powerless is clearly made for you. One feels the vibe “good feeling” series such as The Flash, Supergirl or Legends of Tomorrow. Especially if the series s “not interested in vigilantes themselves, she offers many winks that are a pleasure to see and hear. The generic is also one of the best things offered by the show and some of the scenes made us smile references fuse and rightly so.. we are in a world where the Joker, Batman or Jack O’Lantern are indeed present short, fans of the DC universe will clearly find their account!
Powerless, despite its affiliation to the DC Comics universe, nevertheless remains an office comedy. And on this level, it remains rather disappointing. Indeed, much better series were made in this context (The Office, Parks & Recreations …) and the show is not funny enough in that context . Fortunately for us, there is a huge potential and Powerless, which is one of many superhero series this year , could well become an unmistakable quality comedy thereafter. The actors are involved (we feel Vanessa Hudgens full of will) and just for that, we will be there to discover the next episode next Thursday! What did you think of this first episode?