Pregnancy : the companies mission is to better adapt working conditions

Health 19 July, 2017


Published the 18.07.2017 at 16h58


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Failing to be able to adapt their working conditions, the pregnant women are sick. A majority regrets the lack of flexibility of enterprises ; a phenomenon confirmed by the report of the national Agency for the adaptation of working conditions (Anact).

Seizure by the ministry of Labour, after the miscarriage of two female employees of the supermarket, the Agency delivers a critical balance with respect to French companies. It strongly recommends that they improve their skills, in order to better reconcile gestation and professional life.

Ask for help

It must be said that the situation leaves much to be desired in terms of protection of pregnant women. The interviews with employees, managers and doctors working the show. First, the women and the managers of the staff are not well aware of the rights available as soon as the pregnancy.

For example, a pregnant woman has the right to request a visit to the medicine work. An application useful, since the health professional makes recommendations to management of the position. But these consultations often occur too late in the eyes of the latter. Thus, they do not have the ability to make these adaptations.

On the women’s side, the situation is less complex. They admit that they struggle to reconcile their status with their professional life. And they do not feel supported. Among the employees interviewed by the Naalc, the majority believes that the prolonged standing, carrying loads, or trips to the store are more painful than normal. But they must ask for help before it is proposed.