Pretty Little Liars is not finished, a result announced after the season 7!

Cinema 16 November, 2016

As the season of Pretty Little Liars 7 will be the last, a sequel is announced!

pretty-little-liars-saison-7-poster-hannaThe end will not be the end! We know the season 7 of Pretty Little Liars, which will offer us an unexpected return in his final series will be the last, even if we have trouble accepting the idea. After seven seasons of endless theories and surprising twists, the story is well advanced and we are on the final straight. We have evidence to the many testimonies of actors who have shared with us their social networks, the last moments of the shooting. Yet it seems that the end will eventually be no! Indeed, Sara Shepard, author of the famous Saga, announced on his Instagram account that she had planned to write not one, but three new stories after the end of the series . These will be published as e-books, and all will focus on Alison.
Recall that in books, Ali is not the character we’ve come to love , but a bloodthirsty killer who killed her twin sister and several other characters. The writer explained that his new books explore a scenario mode “if” and we will discover other aspects of the personality of Ali. She writes “We all know that the real Ali is evil, it has systematically murdered his twin sister, Ian Thomas, and all those who are found in its path, including many murder attempts against Emily, Spencer, Hanna and Aria. but what to do, if there was more than that for her? and if the quest for revenge against Ali girls was not born the day she switched places with Courtney, but later? and what would happen if she felt a forbidden love for one of them a love that drives her to make impulsive decisions -? and make stupid mistakes ” Sara Shepard even adds that these books will be totally inspired by #Emison . From there to imagine a reboot of the series in the coming years, it is only one step! Especially as Marlene King tease a tragic end for season 7 of Pretty Little Lias! What do you think of this idea?